Jan Willem den Besten: Senior Advisor Climate Resilience @ IUCN NL

Jan Willem den Besten is Senior Advisor at IUCN NL. Jan Willem initiated the Dutch Agro-Water Climate Alliance, a network that maps and mobilises private sector climate finance. He contributes to the implementation of IUCN NL’s strategic partnerships in several countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and helps develop and implement IUCN NL's work on climate change. The strategy is to strengthen the capacity of local communities, NGOs, government agencies and companies to develop ecosystem-based solutions to tackle climate change. This means that ecosystems are protected and restored so that they can contribute to climate resilience of landscapes and communities. Healthy ecosystems contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and form the foundation for food, water and energy security. Before working at IUCN NL, Jan Willem held a position at the USA office of IUCN, focusing on international forest and climate policy. Prior to his career at IUCN he worked for 15 years on human rights and sustainable development in India, Nepal and Tibet. Jan Willem is working on a PhD in Forest and Nature Conservation Policy at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.