Organisation: Houben Mobility Management

Cycle: 2017 Indonesia

Type: Climate mitigation

Sector: Renewable energy

Status: Shortlisted

Stage: Pilot ready


Requested input: Initiation of the project through the purchase of 12 e-scooters with extra parts.  

E-mobility will help to improve road safety, reduce CO2 emissions and smog, create employment, reduce traffic jams and increase the availability and accessibility of transport. The e-mobility pilot will increase awareness of the advantages of sustainable transport concepts among the Indonesian population. Specifically, the project will run a pilot on Batam island, where the infrastructure can reasonably be judged and traffic is not too busy. After the Pilot, PLN will be the partner to “copy and paste” the project to the other islands.

In order to increase awareness, students from the Engineering Faculties of several universities will have the opportunity to use e-scooters in 2018. They will receive training based on various electric vehicle themes. The aim is to inspire and motivate students, and in particular for them to understand the importance of electric driving, and understand that transport can be both pleasant and sustainable. Multiple parties have conveyed their interest.