Organisation: Closing the Loop

Cycle: 2017 Indonesia

Type: Climate mitigation/adaptation

Sector: Recycling

Status: Shortlisted

Stage: Pilot ready

Requested input: MoMo funding will be used to set up a pilot and help create a business case for safe and environmental mobile phone collection in Indonesia; access to government and environmental networks.

Closing the Loop (CTL) collects and responsibly recycles end-of-life mobile phones from emerging markets. With Company ecoBali-PT Bumi Lestari Bali, the approach will be introduced in Bali. The solution of CTL is to link a waste issue to a recycling opportunity, thereby matching supply and demand. Simply stated: CTL collects e-waste in places where it’s not collected yet, and then sells it to those that can safely recycle it. The approach has already resulted in over 1.9 million scrap phones being saved from the dump since 2012.

Jakarta based Tempo Institute (TI), Bali based ecoBali and CTL aim to implement the lessons CTL has learned in Africa to achieve a ‘circular economy’ in the Indonesian telecom industry. CLT expects two kinds of revenue. The first is the sales of the waste that is collected: selling the scrap phones to proper recycling facilities for the metals they contain. The second income results from selling CLT’s story and that of its partners. In the proposed pilot, the first stream will deliver around the same value as the purchase costs of the phones: some 35k euro. The second stream is expected to be double or triple that amount, so 70-100K euro.