Organisation: aQysta

Cycle: 2017 Indonesia

Type: Climate adaptation

Sector: Land use

Status: Endorsed

Stage: In action

Requested input: MoMo prize money would be used to implement 5 new locations of Barsha pumps, including the salary of farmers, seeds, and fertilizer. Access would be sought to distributors and business developers from the private sector and to communities that might be interested in Barsha pump.

The proposed project aims to build economic value for horticulture farmers in Sumba during the dry season. The business model between horticulture farmers, an intermediary, and aQysta will create more income for horticulture farmers, especially women. The long-term objective is to upscale the use of Barsha pump throughout Indonesia.

Barsha pump is a clean technology, requires no operation and maintenance costs, but has a high upfront cost. To compete in the market, aQysta is developing a business model. A preliminary test on Sumba has been successful. On a plot of 400 m2 land, farmers harvested 370 kg onion. In the market, it was sold at Rp 15.000,- per kg, and thus, the gain was a total of Rp 5.550.000,-. The Barsha pump saves more than 70% of irrigation costs over its lifetime for farmers.