Organisation: WWF Aceh

Cycle: 2017 Indonesia

Type: Climate adaptation

Sector: Land use

Status: Shortlisted

Stage: Pilot ready

Requested input: Funding for the start-up phase of the pilot project of approximately €25,000. This includes BMP training and the integration of mangrove rehabilitation and protection in aquaculture farming techniques.


This mangrove restoration project will develop a model for sustainable mangrove rehabilitation and protection that goes hand in hand with livelihood improvement of smallholder farmers through access to retailer and markets. This project pilot will work with 10-25 traditional aquaculture farmers out of a total of 295 farmers in the area, including vulnerable groups and women.


Potential buyers have shown interest in the high-quality shrimps from Aceh but the quantity remains low and that makes it less attractive for buyers. A steady and increased supply of certified aquaculture products will generate opportunities for increased financial flows. The project hopes to achieve certification in 3 years. After an initial focus on the domestic market, the project will open access to national and global markets and reach out to their customers through established organizations like ‘Fish and Blues’, an eco-friendly seafood retailer and supplier in Indonesia that was established through support of WWF-Indonesia.