Organisation: CocoPallet International BV

Cycle: 2017 Indonesia

Type: Climate mitigation

Sector: Land use

Status: Shortlisted

Stage: Pilot ready

Requested input: The 25,000 Euro MoMo prize money would be used to set up a rugged sourcing tool for Quality Control, payments, and communication in Indonesia. Together with Wageningen University, we are developing this quality control system that enables CocoPallet to source its raw materials at farmers (cooperation) level.

CocoPallet developed cheap, bio-based, wood-free, export compliant transport pallets made from coconut waste – the hairy husk. CocoPallets replace single-use wooden pallets and prevent the cutting and transport of millions of trees. We clean up bio-hazards, produce locally and create extra income for farmers. We help exporters to lower their carbon footprint while saving costs.

CocoPallets is environmentally very friendly. Available lignin is used as a binder so there is no need for expensive, non-sustainable, toxic synthetic resins and nails. There is no need for heat treatment. The wood for regular pallets has to be heated at a minimum of half an hour to 56˚C. These sustainable pallets will be offered at a lower price than competing pallet types. CocoPallets will be sold directly to exporters in Asia with a 100.000 pallet use/year and through a cost-effective network of sales agents.