Organisation: Hade 

Cycle: 2019 Tanzania

Type: Climate mitigation

Sector: Waste management

Status: Shortlisted

Stage: In action

The overall objective of this project is to protect the environment from pollution caused by dumping of thousands of used car tyres every day, while creating income and employment opportunities by turning the used tyres into beautifully designed products including shoes, sandals, hand bags and other useful products.

By nature tyres are difficult to dispose of due because they made not to fall apart from driving. When tyres are burned they omit toxic materials to the air, like tin and nickel which can bring bad impact to the earth. This project aim to recycle the used tyres rather than dump or burn them. 

My intervention aims to upscale the already ongoing business of making products from used and dumped tyres which is currently conducted a very small scale. Currently the major products are different types of sandals. But this project aims to increase the number of products to shoes, bags and belts. 

A strong promotion campaign to promote products made from used tyres will be conducted in order to create large demand which will lead to large scale production of the recycled products. The promotion will go hand-in-hand with designing attractive and very innovative products which will be loved by many people. As part of the project, Hade will apply for advice from PUM Netherlands Senior Experts in order to get advice from highly experienced designing experts who will help in product design and product quality improvement. Machines will be used in cutting as well as patterns instead of depending on hands only.

My Value Proposition is: Wear Hade Recycled Products, Make the World Better for Yourself and Your Children.