Organisation: BIRK Agri Company  

Cycle: 2019 Tanzania

Type: Climate adaptation

Sector: Land use

Status: Shortlisted

Stage: In action


Birk avocado and bee keeping project is an ongoing, ambitious, adaptive and highly focused project.

The objective of Birk Agri Avocado and Bee Keeping project is to promote a green revolution through economic empowerment. To enable this we promote to establish avocado plantations, establish soilless tree nurseries and promote reforestation. Furthermore the goal is to promote and facilitate beekeeping.

The focus is to involve village land where all villagers will be shareholders. Villages provides land and becomes shareholders equivalent to land value.  Land works as a collateral in financial institutions preferably Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB). BIRK Agri becomes an implementer of the project – Implementation activities outsourced. Avocado plantations are established – with short term crops preferably leguminous incorporated for the first 5 years. Soilless nurseries are established to produce both avocado and tree seedlings (pines and eucalyptus) to operate commercially. Bee hives are employed in all avocado plantations and promoted to the rest of villagers. The area turns green and more growers attracted into avocado because of attraction of buyers. All villagers become responsible on fire risks due to stake in an investment i.e. avocado and beekeeping. And the soilless nursery produces seedlings to be shipped to distant areas with less seedling transport cost.

Introduction of soilless nursery resolves the trust issue, minimises the mortality rate and will lower the transport cost. Increased investment in forestry means increased commitment of everyone on fire safety hence high commitment and response to any wildfire incidence. The soilless nursery is challenged by high start-up capital but has a lot of competitive advantages (long lasting, easy control of things including seedling growth, marketing advantages, accommodation of many crops, etc.).