Organisation: ECN

Cycle: 2014 International

Type: Climate mitigation

Sector: Renewable energy

Status: Endorsed

Stage: In action

Torwash is an invention made by ECN that enables biofuels to be made out of difficult feedstocks which have limited other useful applications. Torwash was recognized in 2014 as a promising technology thanks to the 'Mobilising More' awards held in The Hague by the NL Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This exposure has helped to create a greater awareness of the potential for Torwash as a pre-treatment & upgrading technology for both NL and international economies. As a result, a major project to deliver a pilot plant for 'empty fruit bunches' in Malaysia (linked to the palm oil industry) is currently in an advanced stage of development with a strong pull for the biofuel pellets to supply co-firing requirements for coal fired plants in Japan and South Korea.  

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