Roberty Essama, WWF Cameroon, on priority themes for impact entrepreneurs

17 February 2022

Over one hundred local businesses have responded to the local call for proposals for Mobilising More for Climate (MoMo4C) from Ngoyla and Yokadouma councils in Cameroon. How can these entrepreneurs help preserve biodiversity and nature in their home country? Roberty Essama, WWF Cameroon, tells us about the priority themes for impact entrepreneurs.

Efforts to maintain climate resilience in Ketapang District, West Kalimantan Province

12 February 2022

In an effort to stimulate the development of climate-friendly community businesses in Ketapang District, West Kalimantan Province, Tropenbos Indonesia has organized a series of climate friendly and community-based business competition activities. Starting from the pre-selection and training stage of making a business plan, the competition resulted in 5 business cases. The finalists received technical assistance to implement their business plans.

Sustainable green business ideas towards innovative climate actions in Ghana

01 February 2022

Ecotourism, agroforestry (for oil palm and cocoa), beekeeping and fish farming are among ten sustainable green business proposals that were selected in the Sefwi Wiawso, Juabeso, and Bia landscapes in Ghana, to be further developed under the Mobilizing More for Climate (MoMo4C) programme. They were chosen for their focus on innovative climate actions that address key landscape challenges such as the loss of biodiversity due to deforestation and forest degradation, and dependence on one a crop, by building adaptive capacities, promoting crop and income diversification, and value addition.

Landscape restoration as a business in Uganda

25 January 2022

Uganda is home to one of the richest rainforests in Africa, but population growth, unsustainable land use and climate change put increasing pressure on nature and livelihoods. Conserving these can only be done through strong collaboration between local, national and international networks of local communities, civil society, government and businesses. IUCN NL strengthens processes to connect different levels of nature conservation by supporting communities and civil society groups in Uganda, together with our partner organisation ECOTRUST.

Top 10 sustainable green business ideas selected in Ghana for further development

13 December 2021

Ten entrepreneurs with sustainable green business ideas have been selected for further development by MoMo4C partner Tropenbos Ghana.This was after a business call was opened to invite green business ideas and proposals that take into consideration innovative climate actions which seek to address the challenges in the Sefwi-Wiawso, Juabeso, and Bia Landscapes. On Wednesday December 15th, the participants will pitch their ideas to potential investors.

News Article about the work of Tropenbos Ghana under MoMo4C

08 December 2021

A news article has been published by Ghana News Agency about the work of Tropenbos Ghana under MoMo4C.

 Tropenbos Ghana has selected ten promising business ideas from some selected individuals in the Western North region to support and develop full business cases under its Mobilizing More for Climate (MoMo4C) programme.

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