In the field in Cameroon: Getting the off-take to take-off

11 September 2023

In July 2023, Shephard Andrew Zonde travelled to Cameroon - home to 49,000 km of the TRIDOM – a protected tri-national forest area that also spans into Gabon, and the Republic of Congo. While the TRIDOM is a protected area, its peripheries are at constant risk of encroachment and deforestation, posing a threat to its Indigenous peoples and large mammal population, including elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees.

Finance for Integrated Landscape Management. The Produce, Conserve and Include Strategy

03 July 2023

The latest case study in the series “Finance for Integrated Landscape Management” assessed the capacity of multistakeholder partnerships to mitigate risks and leverage public and private investments at the landscape and subnational level by studying the Produce Conserve and Include (PCI) strategy and institute, with a focus on the Juruena Valley Regional Compact in Brasil.

How MoMo4C connects cocoa farmers to Dutch businesses

05 June 2023

How is MoMo4C connecting Cameroonian cocoa farmers to Dutch businesses? Shephard Andrew Zonde, MoMo4C lead at WWF-NL, gives his insight into the challenges and opportunities MoMo4C faces in connecting smallholder cocoa farmers in Cameroon to premium chocolate producers in the Netherlands.

Motokai Communal Land Association scales up sustainable honey production

05 June 2023

Motokai Communal Land Association in Uganda’s Murchison landscape took an important step in scaling up sustainable honey production, benefiting the community and nature. Beehive company The Hive Limited will pre-finance the beehive distribution and will provide off-take agreements to local smallholders.

Revitalizing rubber agroforestry in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

05 June 2023

Tropenbos Indonesia helped Indigenous farmers in Simpang Dua subdistrict to increase their income from rubber agroforestry. Through capacity building and organization, their prospects have improved significantly. Revitalized rubber agroforestry can provide an alternative to oil palm plantations, benefitting farmers as well as the environment.

Sustainable climate finance: how to bridge the gaps

06 April 2023

During the GLF conference ‘Luxembourg Finance for Nature: What comes next?’ MoMo4C partners and other experts presented and discussed challenges and solutions to fund such initiatives in low- and middle-income countries. 

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