Nico van der Linden: Senior Energy Economist @ ECN

Nico van der Linden is Senior Energy Economist at ECN. He joined ECN Policy Studies in 1987, where he has further developed his expertise in renewable energy-related issues. Nico has a broad experience in the field of energy, including in among others integrated energy planning, renewable energy policy instruments, climate change, and issues related to energy and poverty alleviation. During Nico’s time at ECN, he has led several EU funded studies that aimed to analyse the barriers preventing an accelerated introduction of renewable technologies in developing countries. During the period 2009-2012 he was based in Indonesia for the implementation of the CASINDO project, which aimed to develop human capacity for energy policy formulation and the development of concrete renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in five provinces in Indonesia. Nico van der Linden has experienced working in many countries, including Poland, Czech and Slovak republics, Indonesia, India, China, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Yemen and Swaziland.